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UNIKALU LT represents modern design that was creted based on Lithuanian heritage.


We are proud of our nation, one of the oldest in Europe, still alive nowadays. We are unique and seek to retain that. Our strength lies in our language, songs, customs, traditions and original style. Our perception of beauty is transferred from generation to generation.


It represents exclusive Lithuanian design, representing the country in a quality manner. By creaing souvenirs, presents, sports merchandise, small things, we want to crystalize the identity of our country, so that we were proud to present our product to anybody from any country.


After carefully exploring ethno heritage of the country, ancient clothing, accessories, forms and patterns, UNIKALU LT transforms that into contemporary substance. Traditional Mardi Gras characters' masks keeping its tematics become distinct, modern masks.


All our products unite ancient and current styles, taking from ethno the best it has. We create, because we want to preserve our unity and reveal our uniqueness.






Authors of the idea behind UNIKALU LT - architect Algis Kaušpėdas, sculptor and painter Tadas Gutauskas, business consultant Mantas Goštautas.


The descriptions of unique Lithuanian Mardi Gras characters made by professor Libertas Klimka.


SCARE THE RIVAL philosophy created by Jonas Vaiškūnas.


Mardi Gras masks transformed into contemporary artistic form by Tadas Gutauskas.


Big support by many Lithuanian patriots!