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Linas Kleiza Collection 2012

Before the battle, the ancient Baltic soldiers would dance the victory dance. They worshiped animal totems and attempted to summon their spirits, to reincarnate into it and gain magical powers. The most popular animal totems in Lithuania were the bear and the wolf.

The idea of UNIKALU LT collection with Linas Kleiza image is to identify one of the Lithuania's favourite basketball players, Linas Kleiza with a bear, and as if giving him the powers of our ancestors.

Let us hope that such a re-incarnation will give Linas strength and courage to fight for the Lithuanian men's basketball team to enter the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and, what everyone is looking forward, success in the Olympic Games.

We would also like to inform you that 3 litas from each Linas Kleiza t-shirt will be given to charity to Linas Kleiza Charity and Support Fund.

The quantity of Linas Kleiza collection products is limited!