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“MISSION SIBERIA” collection 2013

The “Mission Siberia” project is one of the best-known youth initiatives in Lithuania, the primary objective of which is to promote patriotism and citizenship achieved through communication between generations and keeping history alive. Appreciating and nurturing Lithuanian traditions, UNIKALU LT gave sense to this objective by creating unique official attributes of the project, where motives of Lithuanian ribbons come to life in a modern new collection without a shadow of pain and loss, thus combining the course of history, but not trying to take us back to the post-war period, and dominant Lithuanian colors further strengthen the impression and mood of nationalism.

The collection consists of green and black t-shirts, cap and bracelet. The t-shirts are made of high-quality cotton. The essential elements of the design are fragments of traditional ribbons of Highlanders on the collar and sleeves, stylized Vytis and “Mission Siberia” logo. The black cotton cap is decorated with brass Vytis badge and embroidered “Mission Siberia” logo. The bracelets are decorated with national flag motives and logo.

We think that products of the “Mission Siberia” collection can be worn every day, matched with the casual jeans or pants. The t-shirt, jacket and classic style pants can be perfectly matched as well.

Since ancient times, ornaments used in Lithuanian ethnic ribbons have been an exceptional part of Lithuanian identity. Exiles, even being thousands of kilometers away from the homeland, in Siberia, decorated their clothes and various things with patterns, thus trying to preserve their national identity. This creative expression in the historical context does not only become art, but also a historical source, telling us about experiences of previous generations, conveying their mood and unity. UNIKALU LT collection turns a new page of history, reminding and preserving our nation‘s past in Lithuanian patterns, while telling a new story created by today‘s patriotic youth.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Charity and Support Fund “Jauniems” (“For Young”) organizes youth citizenship and patriotism promotion project “Mission Siberia”. Since the start of the project, Lithuanian exile and imprisonment places in Siberia have been visited by eleven youth expeditions, which cleaned up 90 Lithuanian cemeteries and met with Lithuanians living there. By purchasing official “Mission Siberia” attributes created by UNIKALU LT, you contribute to the implementation of this youth initiative and preservation of Lithuanian history.

The author of photos Monika Dovidaitė



Black t-shirts

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